A little bit about who we are, and what we do.

Our History

Kogucik International was founded in 2001 with the aim of supplying retail and commercial electronic equipment for use in heavy industry at competitive prices. The company’s reputation has grown in local mining communities and along with the help of our partner company, M-3 Mineral Mining and Metal supplies, trading with major mining houses such as Goldfields,SibanyeGold, DRD Gold, Impala Platinum Rustenburg and Harmony Gold began. We have become synonymous with our ability to supply quality technical and electrical equipment from major international brands across the world.

In recent years major companies in the technical field have opened their doors and provided the company with access to leading equipment and resale support. The trading relationships created over the years have allowed the company to remain competitive in its chosen markets.

Our Expertise

With the combined expertise of our staff, we have over 60 years’ experience in the technical field, heavy and mining industries across the world. This puts the company in a unique position to provide unique solutions and insight into client requirements. All our technical managers have various qualifications in electronic, data metric and radioactive handling fields from numerous institutions.

Our Mission statement

At Kogucik International our goals are to provide industry with the relevant tools and expertise required to obtain maximum efficiency of energy consumption. We believe firmly that we can provide a cost efficient solution for all our clients. The company’s focus is to supply cost effective solutions to all of our clients across the board.

Our Products

The following is a list of the products that the company specializes in supplying to its clients:

LED Lighting
Flow Switches
Access control
Technical tools
Rail Equipment

Our Suppliers

Kogucik International procures stock of the highest quality from leading international and local suppliers. A list of suppliers follows below:

Dynex Semiconductors
Phoenix Contact

In addition to the above Kogucik International sources any and all equipment required to implement solutions for its clients.