Flashlight DVR


This product is a high-end high—definition flashlight DVR lauched for market demand.

The highlight LED light and long battery life, image capturing and video recording
functions, make it an ideal tool for information record from dark environment,
especilly outdoor use.

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1. Do not drop or impact the product for it is a high—precision product.
2. Do not place the product close to objects with strong magnetic fields, such as
magnets and motors. Avoid putting the product near radio waves, for strong
magnetic fields may cause malfunctions or damage images or sound.
3. Do not leave the product in high temperature or under direct sunlight.
4. Please use Micro SD card (Clasle), for ordinary card can not guarantee normal
use of the product.
5. Do not put the Micro SD card (Clasle) at or near the magnetic field to avoid loss
of data stored in it.
6. If there is heat, smoke, or smell in the charging process, immediately unplug the
power cord, and stop charging to avoid a fire.
7. When charging the product, keep the product out of the reach of children, for
the power cord may cause choking or electric shock.
8. Place the product in a cool, dry and insulated place. ,
9. Don’t use this product in water. ‘

Product Features

1. Powerful LED lights in bright light and fill light.
2,. Real 108OP HD recording; loo-degree high—resolution lens.
3. High-definition display to show and replay videos and pictures recorded.
4. Removable battery for easy replacement and more battery connection to
increase work time.
5. Support max. 326 memory card.
6. More video format (1080P/720P/VGA).
7. H.264 video compression format.
8. Loop recording.



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