Flood Light

Aluminium high-power (10W-70W) LED floodlight.

Usage: Markets, courtyards, parks, advertising boards, squares, roads, buildings and some other outer places where need lighting.

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  • Use single powerful LED (10W­-70W) as the light source, with our own intellectual property rights for LED encapsulation. Utilize the special design of multichip single module. Choose the imported high brightness semiconductor chips. With the characters of high heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light colour and no ghosting.
  • The LED is closely connected to the crust. The heat from LED will be removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by the air cross-ventilation. It ensures a 50000 hours life-span of LED. With the excellent integration between the 5millimeters high intensity tempered glass and the light housing, it can be used under the high humidity environment.
  • The lights were sealed by age resistant silicone rubber. Their surfaces were passed the treatment like anodic oxidation and plastic spraying. It can meet the requirement of IP65.
  • Use the high pure imported aluminium from Germany as the reflector. This kind of reflector has high reflecting efficiency, and it can make sure the luminous flux. The special design of our reflector can improve the light uniformity and utilization ratio.
  • It can control the light inside of a useful area. The advantage of the LED streetlights like power saving can be revealed adequately.
  • Can present the original colour of the objects, it has varies of colours to choose which can meet the requirements in different environments. It eliminates the repressed emotion caused by the lower colour temperature, like sodium lamp, or higher colour temperature, like mercury lamp. This could satisfy the feeling of the watchers.
  • Environment Friendly and no air pollution. We exert the design of using cold light source. It’s no heat radiation. There is no ill to our eyes and skin. These floodlights do not have lead and any other contamination. It is a real environment friendly and saving power product.
  • Easier to be installed. It is flexible, and can be installed in any angle. It has a high commonality and a large using range.
  • It’s an excellent partner of the Solar panel system. It can exert many merits such as working with direct current and lower voltage. It is power saving and environment friendly. The connection of the solar panel and LED light sources provide a high reliability, a best feature and a reasonable prize to the clients

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 120 cm

High-purity Aluminium reflector and heat sink, 5mm High intensity tempered glass cover, Single powerful LED light source; High efficiency imported LED driver.


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